How to Become a Valuable Teacher

Teachers are meant to transfer knowledge and impart invaluable life skills to their students. The should purpose to learn ways on how to become a valuable teacher. To achieve this objective, they need to master the art of teaching considering that students are always watching them. Besides, they also subconsciously take in some personalities and mannerisms from their teachers. As such, teachers have a role to play and should play it well. Here are some attributes or techniques every teacher ought to develop

Lesson PresentationTeaching

How do you present the course contents? This goes down to both personal attributes and professional attributes. A good teacher should be audible, conscious, confident, relaxed, objective and patient. In this regard, he/she will be able to communicate what is teaching well; they should devise some learning activities to engage the students actively during the whole process. Besides, he/she should be in a position to inspire the students and provide with content that is easy to understand.

Lesson Management

It is not wise to teach everything at one. In this regard, the teacher should devise an appropriate teaching plan based on the time. In most instances, this is usually catered for in the curriculum, but the teacher can modify it slightly to suit the current needs and lesson dynamics.

Classroom Climate

How the class is run dictates how well the students get the concepts. In this regard, the teacher should cultivate an environment marked with spaced jokes or refresher talks. However, he/she should ensure that this does not sway the concentration of the students away from class. There should be a feeling of respect between the teacher and the students.


With the right climate, it is imperative for the teacher to establish a chain of command. He should do it in a mature and respectable way such that it is accepted and followed by the students. Moreover, the teacher should monitor the behavior of the students and respond accordingly. Disciplined students should be encouraged whereas any acts of indiscipline should be discouraged.

Assessing progress

The sole objective of any teaching program is to improve the students. In this regard, after any class, the teacher should devise an appropriate assessment method to ensure that concepts taught Teachingin class are understood. After assessing them, the teacher should identify the difficult areas and alter their teaching programs to address the difficult areas.

Student Feedback

To ensure that concepts taught are understood, teachers rely on a feedback mechanism. One way of doing this is by observing the nonverbal cues. Alternatively, asking questions and providing correct responses also used see if both teachers and students connect.